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The Grace Message with Dr. Andrew Farley

Nov 30, 2021

Why does Hebrews 9 say the tabernacle contained earthly copies of heavenly things? Do some Christians go to Hell? I’m worried because I haven’t been a “good Christian”? Is it possible that I called upon the Lord to be saved but He didn’t save me? Are there counterfeit spiritual gifts given by the...

Nov 28, 2021

Do we really spend most of our days sinning? Does the finished work of Christ mean we can have guaranteed physical health? Should Christians tithe ten percent? Is God really wanting to “break” us or “crush us into a fine powder” like I’ve often heard? How does God’s grace speak into the most difficult issues...

Nov 28, 2021

During the Christmas season, we remember the gift of Jesus, but do you realize you’re a gift to Jesus?

In this message from John 17, we see God talking to God – and He’s talking about you! You are a gift from God to Jesus and are esteemed, valued, and appreciated. Your past no longer defines you. You are forgiven,...

Nov 27, 2021

What happens immediately after death? Why does God allow such atrocities on Earth such as abortion, rape, murder etc.? Why would you tell people that suicide is a forgiven sin?

Nov 26, 2021

Are Christians still under part of the Law? What about the Ten Commandments? Are we only forgiven for past sins? What about our future sins? What if we die with some unconfessed sins? Might we go to Hell?