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The Grace Message with Dr. Andrew Farley

Mar 31, 2021

What do you think of expressions like “allow God” or “let God” or “surrender to God”? Are there two final judgment events or just one? Is it possible to be in a heretical movement or cult and still be saved? What is biblical fasting?

Mar 30, 2021

To whom should we pray – Father, Son, or Holy Spirit? What is the final judgment like? In John 5, Jesus says that Moses wrote about Him. Where exactly? Are there any Scriptures that support “once saved, always saved”?

Mar 29, 2021

The Old Testament is part of the inspired Word of God. It’s filled with incredible wisdom, including the law that led you to Christ.

But as you come to salvation by faith, you enter into a new covenant. What is your relationship with the law going forward? What now leads and guides you daily?

In Part 7 of my series,...

Mar 29, 2021

Prerecorded – Why does Galatians 5 say that we are waiting for the hope of righteousness?  In my Anglican church, the Book of Common Prayer mentions asking for forgiveness daily – is this Biblical?  What do 1 Corinthians 3 and 2 Corinthians 5 mean concerning a final judgment and rewards?  How do I...

Mar 29, 2021

Why does Jesus teach that God will only forgive us if we forgive others? What if I didn’t have one memorable moment of conversion to Christianity? Someone in a sinful lifestyle recently got baptized at my son’s church. Could their hearts be new?