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The Grace Message with Dr. Andrew Farley

Jun 30, 2024

What do Seventh Day Adventists believe? Are women allowed to serve or speak in church? I know you teach that the antichrist is not pretending to be Christ, but who is the “wicked one“ or the “man of lawlessness” in 2 Thessalonians? Are we immediately with God when we die? What about what Jesus teaches in the...

Jun 30, 2024

A believer’s unbroken fellowship with God is at the core of our “Forever in His Presence” series. In this message, we explore the simplicity of salvation to see that it is heartfelt belief, not “magic words” or perfect behavior, that brings us into a saving relationship with God.

We also reflect on God’s...

Jun 29, 2024

What does it mean to set your mind on things above? Why aren’t we required to keep the Sabbath? Should we be praying to the Holy Spirit, asking Him to give the Word power?

Jun 28, 2024

My roommate is controlling and jealous in the ways she treats me. I’m wondering what to do. How do you view church tradition versus Scripture when they seem to contradict sometimes? What about the Orthodox church?

Jun 27, 2024

Why didn’t God give us the new covenant from the start? What is the unpardonable sin? What about Christians who just continue in sin? What was Jesus trying to say in Luke 11 about demon possession? How can we effectively witness to those who don’t believe in the Bible? Is it wrong for me to confess my sins? To...