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The Grace Message with Dr. Andrew Farley

Jul 30, 2023

Can you be cast away and burned if you don't abide in Christ enough? What does it mean to worship God "in spirit and in truth"? How do you "stay right" with God? How can you be loving but also stand up for the truth of the Gospel? How does God's grace factor into my financial woes? If I keep struggling with a sin, does...

Jul 30, 2023

Why is someone who is born of the Spirit like the wind (John 3)? Why did Jesus clarify that food and drink don’t defile a person (Matthew 15)? Hebrews 10 speaks of the blood of Jesus that “sanctified” a person, so doesn’t that mean a Christian is being warned of punishment? I have been abused and even raped. I...

Jul 30, 2023

We’re now embarking on a profound journey together—a new series, “The Power of Oneness: Savoring Your Union with Jesus Christ.”

The first message in this transformative series, focusing on John 15, dives deep into the essence of our oneness with Christ. We’ll ponder questions like, “Does the Father really...

Jul 28, 2023

How do we read the Old Testament in light of the New? If upon death, we're immediately present with the Lord, then how is it that "the dead in Christ will rise first"? Are those who kill, quarrel, and fight believers or unbelieving Jews in James 4?

Jul 27, 2023

What does James 5 mean about healing? Is there any rationale for forgiving ourselves? How do I "fit in" at church now that I understand God's grace better? Might God blot my name out of the Book of Life? Shouldn't I still follow the Law to give myself structure and to be perfect and impress others?