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The Grace Message with Dr. Andrew Farley

Jun 16, 2024

1 John makes clear distinctions between love and hate, light and darkness, care and murder. These contrasts are obvious and meant to show believers they have a new practice now. This doesn’t mean we perform perfectly, but now there’s a new tendency – a new trend in our lives since we are born of God.

John also mentions “commandments” but he doesn’t mean Moses! No, he’s not talking about following the Law. He’s describing the marks of a true believer – faith in Jesus and a natural love for God’s people.

Watch now to break free from a performance mentality and embrace your new-hearted identity in Jesus!

Discussion Questions:

  1. Read verses 10-12. How do the words “obvious”, “love”, and “hate” make John’s point clear?
  2. Read verses 13-15. How does John continue to drive the “obvious” contrast home for us in these verses?
  3. Read verses 16-18. How is Jesus the example? Example of what?
  4. Read verses 19-22. Why is this not a “name it, claim it” passage? What is John’s meaning instead?
  5. Read verses 23-24. What two commandments is John referring to? Why is it important to define “commandments” in this context? How are these the natural mark of every believer?
  6. React to this statement: A majority of this entire passage is descriptive, not prescriptive. Now, how does this statement keep us from a performance mentality and help us to identify ourselves as new-hearted believers? (Note: Verses 16 and 18 are indeed prescriptive.)